Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club

Research shows us that reading more improves performance in: general knowledge, vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal fluency and spelling. Just 10 minutes spent reading every day can open a child up to over 600,000 words in a year!


Scholastic Bookclub is a fantastic way to help grow your home library and keep kids reading at home. They offer a wide range of books at very competitive prices – there is a range of $2 specials in every issue! You can always trust a Scholastic selection, as the books are carefully chosen and levelled by their team of experts. Book Club contains a core range specifically chosen for the selected year levels. The catalogue also includes an extended range of products in the Extra! Ages section, to offer reading choices beyond the core year levels, for gift and sibling purchases.

At St Mary’s School, Bookclub catalogues are issued twice per term (Term’s 1-3), with a Bookfair in term 4 to finish off the year. The kids LOVE ha

ving bookclub arrive in the school hall for a whole week – just like a real bookshop! Bookclub is also a fundraiser for the school, receiving 15% back in rewards for every order that can used to boost resources in the school library as well as in classrooms.

Bookclub orders are now placed online. Parents can choose to download the LOOP app. (for Apple or Android) or can place orders directly through the website; The online/app ordering process is very simple, (see document) it generates an email when the orders close as well as when the books actually ship so that you always know how far away your order is! You can even order for multiple children in one order. Orders are collated and processed by our coordinator and are delivered back to the classrooms within a two-week period. If your order includes gifts that you would prefer your children not to see, just get in touch and orders can be left at the front office for collection. Closing dates for orders and updates and delivery can be found on the P&F Facebook page or in the school newsletter.

If you have any queries regarding Bookclub please contact the office.

Remember: every order receives 15% back in rewards for our school!