Our Vision and Values

St Mary’s School Vision is to be a flourishing Catholic community where all strive to be compassionate, resilient, confident and independent learners.

At St Mary’s School we are dedicated to our core values and instill in the children the importance of developing these values within ourselves. 

Faith: We believe strongly in God and in each other. 

Responsibility: We have a duty to be accountable to ourselves and to others.  

Leadership: We set a positive example in the classroom, playground and community.  

Sportsmanship: We play fairly for the enjoyment of all and encourage each other to do our best. 

Respect: We value others, their property, the environment and ourselves. 

Trust: We rely on each other to do the right thing. 

Honesty: We tell the truth and act truthfully. 

Forgiveness: We accept apologies and give others the opportunity to do the right thing and to have another chance.