At St Mary’s School, we have a specialist teacher who takes classes once a week for focused Physical Education. This is combined with Friday Sport across multiple grade levels which is run by the class teachers..

The Physical Education curriculum comprises of the ‘Movement and Physical Activity’ strand and is organized into three sub-strands;

Moving Our Body

  • Body management skills
  • Locomotor skills
  • Object control skills
  • Fundamental movement skills
  • Simple games
  • Movement skills and tactics
  • Basic strategies and tactics

Understanding Movement

  • Benefits of Physical activity
  • Maintaining a balanced position
  • Positive responses to physical activity
  • Body reactions to physical activity
  • Movement skills combining various elements

Learning Through Movement

  • Co-operation in physical activity
  • Rules in physical activity
  • Positive choices
  • Solving movement challenges
  • Far play
  • Inclusion practices
  • Various roles in physical activity
  • Ethical behavior
  • Interpersonal skills

Throughout the year we hold several sporting days involving the whole school and other schools.

Term One:

  • Faction Swimming
  • Inter School swimming

Term Two:

  • Faction Cross Country
  • Inter School Cross Country
  • Winter Carnival

Term Three:

  • Jumps and Throws
  • Faction Athletics Carnival
  • Inter School Athletics Carnival

Term Four:

  • T 20 Cricket